Online Consultation

Legal advice is prevention
The lawsuit is the cure

This service is dedicated to booking legal consultations by providing legal advice or legal opinion and providing possible legal solutions about a specific issue or fact that may be in dispute in the future.
By providing this service, we will provide the legal knowledge of the request for advice and the position of the law on the issue at hand.
This service enables the beneficiary to obtain oral or written legal advice, by specifying the appropriate date for the client and the legal advisor specialized in the matter.
This service is provided through the client’s presence at the office’s headquarters or through video or phone call

A request for advice and legal opinion regarding a specific issue that may or may not be in dispute, through which the seeker of advice seeks to know the position of the law on the issue at hand, using the scientific expertise and practical experience of the legal advisor

Legal advice is a written or spoken opinion for the purpose of exploring the opinion of the law in connection with a particular issue that is in serious dispute before the court or is likely to be so, or even a dispute that may occur in the future
Legal advice is a specialized service that aims to provide a study of a legal nature on a specific subject, and it is provided by an expert in the legal field to those who request it in order to help him know the legal diagnosis of a problem objectively and impartially in accordance with the existing regulations

Legal advice in the legal world constitutes a large part of the lawyer’s work. Economic and social transformations have forced a person to search for reasons that help him to make the right decision in his commercial and social transactions. So the Queen of Sheba asked for advice from the specialists, in the Almighty’s saying: “She said, O eminent ones, advise me about my matter. I was not definitive of a matter until you testify.” Likewise, the King of Egypt, when he saw in a dream what he could not explain, asked for the help of the specialists, as stated in the Almighty’s saying: My vision, if you are a vision

It is wrong to conclude a commercial deal with huge sums and formulate a contract without seeing it with a specialized lawyer who spends his time and effort looking for you to control the terms and prevent distortion of the meanings of the terms of the contract and guarantee your right, because, if the lawyer spends time to give you free legal advice that shows you a general idea of the project or matter you are dealing with; He will not spend more time studying the details of your business or project to find the best solutions for you.